Q: Can I register as a private candidate to sit examinations at your centre ?

Answer: Yes, we are majorly dedicated to enrolling private and external candidates. This includes self-taught and homeschooled students.  We are also able to accept entries from candidates of all ages for all listed subjects on our booking page. 

Q: What exam boards do you offer ?

Answer: We offer all GCSE, IGCSE, AS , A2, and A-level  examinations for Cambridge (CIE) and EDUQAS (WJEC) Exam Boards. 

Q: How do I know which exam I need to sit ?

A: Our automated booking system will show you which papers are to be taken for the particular subject you have selected. In order to access this, click the "Book Exams Online" tab and follow the instructions. https://manchesterexamcentre.co.uk/series-selection/  

Q: Can I register to sit for an exam if I am from abroad ?

Answer: Yes, we have students from many countries come and sit their exams at our centre. Just follow the same procedure for booking exams. Please note: You need to make you own student visa arrangements with your enrolled school in the UK. We will not be able to assist you with your visa application. We provide you with a Statement of Entry to prove you are sitting your exams in Manchester, but we do not get involved any further.

Q: Do you offer refunds if I choose not to sit my exams ?

Answer: When a candidate registers online and pays the examination fee they will be enrolled for the examination. After the closing date for examination entry for the particular examination series that the candidate is enrolled for, examination fees would be non refundable and non transferrable. If a candidate wishes to cancel their registration before the entry closing date, there would be a refund of their examination fee minus 38% of the original fees to cover for administration and cancellation fee incurred with the exam board . If a candidate is late for an exam or travels to the wrong exam venue they will not be given a refund. 

Q: Do you offer Science practical exams ?

Answer: Yes, we offer practical exams for A-level Science provided you enrolled with the Cambridge (CIE) exam board. We have a fully equipped Science laboratory where exams are conducted. Registered candidates would be made aware of the respective dates .

Q. Can I book online or do I have to see you in person?

Answer: We have an automated online examination booking system that is available 24 hours- 7 days in a week for candidates to book online. Please find the link here https://manchesterexamcentre.co.uk/series-selection/